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Period of GANJA tour: all season

Meeting point: Hotel or other appointed place

Type of Tour: Individual (private)

Language: — We can provide you with guide service in english, persian, russian, arabian, french and other languages.


Excursions to Ganja district
Visiting Nizami Museum
Return to the hotel.


-Transfer from the hotel.
-Entry tickets is additional and cost 6 USD Per Person
-Guide service


Ganja is Azerbaijan’s second largest city with a population of around 325,200. It  named Elisabethpol in the Russian Empire period. So the city regained its original name, Ganja, and  in 1920 during the first part of its incorporation into the Sovet Union. However, its name changed again in 1935  to Kirovabad and retained that name through most of the rest of the Soviet period. In conclusion in 1989, during Perestroika, finally  the city regained its original name.

Islamic Time

Even though some sources from medieval Islamic time attribute the building of the town to a Muslim Arab ruler, so modern historians believe that the fact that the name Ganja derives from the New Persian ganj (“treasure”) and in Arabic source the name  recorded as Janza (from the Middle Persian ganza) suggests that the city existed in pre-Islamic times and  likely founded in the 5th century. The area in which Ganja located  known as Arran from the 9th to 12th century; its urban population spoke mainly in the Persian language.


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