Tehran International Tourism Exhibition (T.I.T.E)

Тегеранская Международная Туристическая Ярмарка 2019

Tehran International Tourism Exhibition (TITE)

Tehran International Tourism Exhibition (T.I.T.E) will held 12 to 15 February 2019 in Tehran, Iran. Tehran International Tourism Exhibition (T.I.T.E) is the only internationally acclaimed event in tourism field in Iran.

Tehran International Tourism Exhibition (T.I.T.E)

Importance of Exhibition

Exhibitors well known experts in their fields and the event promises a good and unique experience for visitors and exhibitors. Cultural heritage, handcrafts and tourism organizations consider this event to be the most appropriate platform. And it will optimize face to face communication among the involved industries. From tourism point of view, Iran enjoys two important and unique features. The first one is Iran’s exceptional geographical location among the countries in the world. The second feature of Iran is its fabulous tourism attractions of historical, cultural, natural, pilgrimage, adventurous and other sorts. Thus joining exhibitionnot only does add to your professional knowledge of the country and the tourism industry. It also enables you to enjoy your time in this resourceful touristic country. The following sectors involved in the fair. Airlines, cruise lines, hotels, museums, travel agencies, insurance services, car rental companies, travel and tourism faculties, etc. 

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