The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Its construction started in 2008. In June 2009, the foundation of the building was completely ready, and in July of the same year, the construction of […]

Imishli district

History  In August 1930 Garadonlu region formed. It was part of the Black Sea Cavad crash, which built during the Tsarist Russia period . It is considered to be one of the oldest villages in Garadonli. The location […]

Beylagan district

History  Beylagan district has a rich history, Beylagan district  founded in January 1939 with the name of Jdanov. In 1963, the district abolished and united with the […]

Aghstafa district

Aghstafa district Aghstafa district – administrative and territorial unit in the Republic of Azerbaijan . In 1593 the Ottoman Empire was the administrative center of Akhistabad . Agstafa district was organized in 1939 , it was abolished in 1959 and its […]