Nardaran Tower

Nardaran Tower Nardaran tower is located on the Absheron peninsula, 25 km north of baku, is a quiet town built on a steep slope, near the […]

Mardakan Round Tower

 Mardakan Round Tower The height of the round Mardakan castle is 16 meters. It supposed that this construction consisted of residential part and separately constructed castle […]

Gulustan Fortress

Gulustan Fortress     Above Xinishli village, 2km west of Shamaxi’s bazaar along Rasulzade str, rises a distinctive hill. On top of which once stood Gulistan […]

Javanshir Castle

About Javanshir Castle Javanshir ( Jivanshir; Middle Persian: Jūvānšīr; meaning “young lion”), ws the prince of Caucasian Albaniafrom 637 to 680, hailing from the region of […]

Mardakan Quadrangular Tower

Mardakan Quadrangular Tower Quadrangular castle of Mardakan – a castle that played an essential role in Azerbaijan history during the 13th and 14th centuries. The Quadrangular […]