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    About Anadolu ... More than 23 years this mark exists in public catering of Azerbaijan. This mark enhanced the image of the most popular restaurant in the city. Actually we do not tell just about the restaurant but about the whole stile of food culture.  Today ANADOLU chain of restaurants are the number of places which bring together people of Baku and the guests of our capital where they can taste sophisticated, delicious and  healthy food,  and get to know the best dishes of Oriental and European cuisine. The name ANADOLU is not associated just with the place where we can satisfy hunger but it is also associated with the idea of a CLUB where business partners and friends can meet together. In restaurants ANADOLU we can meet both representatives of business life of the country and popular actors, public figures and people of an art.  All this was achieved due to the program “ANADOLU IS FOR AZERBAIJAN” which was carefully designed and turned into reality.  This program includes both large charitable activities and a lot of patronage campaigns. As a result of such activities a lot of talented representatives of modern Azerbaijan society consider the mark ANADOLU to be their friend who is able to support them at the right moment. Our catering  (delivery of food at home and workplaces), perfectly working system allowed  ANADOLU to become the popular restaurant, and if you do not have enough time, it is not necessary to go to the restaurant,  because the restaurant will come to you with its exquisite and high-quality kitchen at a word. It was designed and turned into reality the first system of food orders delivery through the Internet system in Azerbaijan and due to this system users of World Wide Web also have the possibility to receive high-quality and delicious food from ANADOLU without interrupting of their business.  Due to all these facts ANADOLU was and still remains as a leader in its field and by right connects to its name with HEALT and SUCCESS, two the most important meaning for each person. It is our duty to serve You quickly and efficiently. No matter where in the city you are, Your order will be delivered to You within the shortest time period! Please indicate your location on the city map and You will find out what time Your order will be delivered to you. 

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  1. Farzin says:

    Delicious food, the service was incredible and the discount of Ulduz Tourism was also very good.

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