Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

“The Visions, Missions, Values and Purposes of Ulduz Tourism”


The vision of Ulduz Tourism is to provide special and education-based tourism services based on scientific planning, in tourism. We want to be the most popular, customer-oriented and the largest collection of tourism services in Azerbaijan, Turkey and Savalan region in Iran.


Ulduz Tourism Company as a knowledge-based organization and tour operator of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Savalan region, aims to provide unique and better services to the travel agencies in order to improve the quality of tourism services in these areas. Employing professional and ethical staff along with online services will make a huge contribution to the tourism industry.

This will be achieved by emphasizing the creation of different travel experiences and paying particular attention to the interests of the stakeholders and respected customers.


1) Utilizing new patterns and new experiences in the tourism industry for greater and more effective coordination

2) Creativity, innovation and continuous personal learning, human resources training and the use of modern technology

3) To be precise, Transparency and intimacy in the process of providing and implementing tourism services

4) Effective presence in national and international arenas and exhibitions for effective interaction with stakeholders

5) Adherence to professional ethics, continuous accountability, interaction and intimacy with clients and stakeholders

6) Employee-centered ethics and promotion of staff quality with encouragement and non-discrimination

7) Fulfilling social responsibility and participating in charitable and humanitarian affairs

8) Protecting the environment and cultural, historical and spiritual heritage in harmony with sustainable tourism development


The aim of Ulduz Tourism is to provide tourism services  with highest quality along with customer satisfaction, human resource empowerment, maintaining and enhancing business profitability, branding as well as transparency with stakeholders and business partners.