Govlar District



Qovlar, the second town in the Tovuz region, is located on the right side of the road about 4-5 km after crossing the Tovuz river bridge while moving from Baku to Baku. Qovlar settlement has played an extremely important and crucial role in the economic indicators of the Tovuz region for its position and infrastructure.

Qovlar is also the main activity of urban residents, as in other parts of the region, such as agriculture, livestock and viniculture. There are schools, hospitals, clinics and other social facilities in the city. The Qovlar station, located on the Georgia-Armenia line of Azerbaijan railway section, is considered as the main railway station in Tovuz region.


There are four secondary schools, a music school, a boarding school and a vocational school. There are railway station, 1 mosque and 2 hospitals in the settlement.

Geography and climate

The settlement is located 12 km away from the district center.


During the 13-22 April 2009 census, 13,448 people were registered in the city, of which 6,767 were male and 6,681 were women.  According to official data of January 1,  2012, there are  13,813 residents living in 4,022 farms in the city.


The urban population is mainly engaged in animal husbandry, agriculture, and wine growing. There are wine factories, iron and concrete plants, mill and refrigerating shops, oil products base.


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