Natural Attractions


The “Seven Beauties” Waterfalls

The “Seven Beauties” waterfalls are located in Vendam settlement of Gabala city. This waterfall is near the village of Ruskan. The waterfalls flow from the highest […]

Hirkan National Park

The most noteworthy place in South Azerbaijan is Hirkan National Park, as it contains real flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else. The main […]

Ilisu village

Ilisu village The small, stone-built village of Ilisu is set in the beautiful Qaracay Valley, nicknamed Qax’s ‘mini-Switzerland’. It is located amid dense woods at the […]

Kish Village

Kish Kish , one of the oldest of Azerbaijani villages, well known for the unique ancient Albanian temple. This antique temple – mother of Alban churches. […]

Ivanovka Village

About İvanovka village İvanovka  is a village and municipality in the Ismayilly Rayon of Azerbaijan. Ivanovka, is the only village in Azerbaijan where a kolxoz (collective farm) still exists. […]

Absheron National Park

Absheron National Park Absheron National Park established on 8 February, 2005 by the decree of Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Eliyev. It is in an area of 783 […]

Goygol National Park

Azerbaijanis and anyone visiting the Land of Fire can now enjoy the magnificent view of one of the most beautiful places in the country – Goygol […]
Mud volcanoes

Mud volcanoes

Mud volcanoes There are 850 mud volcanoes in the world, and over 300 of them are in Azerbaijan. Our country is a world leader, not only […]

Khinalug Village

About Khinalug village Khinalug, Khinalugh, or Khinalig is an ancient Caucasian village going back to the Caucasian Albanian period. Its located high up in the mountains of […]