Upland Park

Upland Park

Memorial Nagorny or Upper Park is located high above the coastal area of Baku.

And you can have a wonderful view of the Bay of Baku with Primorsky Boulevard, the old town Icheri Sheher, the Maiden Tower and the Shirvanshakh’s Palace.

You can climb up to the Nagorny Park from Primorsky Boulevard. There is a cableway terminal at the building of the Carpet Museum (looking like a rolled carpet).

And you can use it to ascend to the Nagorny Park.

 You can also climb to the Nagorny Park by a nearby stairway, although it will be more difficult. But if you have desire and enough strength.

You should choose the stairway, as in this case you can see the old town of Baku and the Bay of Baku from different viewpoints.

At the upper cableway terminal you can at once see the sites referring to the different periods in the history of Azerbaijan. 

Islamic period (ancient mosque), Soviet period (monument to the hero of the Soviet Union) and the future period (three skyscrapers).

The alleys with tombs of soldiers and officers begin at the cableway station.

On the lowest alley there buried the soldiers who perished during the Nagorno Karabah War in 1992.

On the upper alley there buried the officers who died at the same place during 1990-92.

Shahid`s Alley is on the slope of the Nagorny Park. All of them killed on January 19, 1990 during the events of the so-called «Black January».

It was the suppression of the political opposition by the Soviet Army. All alleys converge at the Eternal Flame of the Nagorny Park.


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