Jabrayil District 

Jabrayil District is located in the south-western part of the Republic of Azerbaijan, on the Minor Caucasus Mountains. It borders by the Karadagh to the south.  The name of Jabrayil was taken from the name of the village Jabrayil that was the centre of the region. Father Jabrayil, who was the founder of the village Jabrayil, was one of the closes of the ruler by name Sultan Ahmed who lived in VIII century and the territories between Zuyaret Mountain and the river Araz belonged to Father Jabrayil and his sons.


The territory of Jabrail is rich with material and cultural monuments. The cave “Divler Sarayi” locating  not far from the village Dagh-Tumash, “Mesdgid Tepe”, “Jangulu”and “ Gumtepe” moundsin Galajig village, Sigeon construction on Gizilgaya mountain near the village Galajig, “Geherjik galiglar” (remainders) and “Gishlag yerleri”  not far from the village Girkhlar, archeological tombs “Mazannene”, :Mermer nene” on Diridagh mountain, “Bashikesik Gumbez” in the village Daghtumash, “Gala” bridge in Sirik vilaage, “Giz Galasi” and Khudaferin bridges on Diridagh mountaian,  a mosque complex in  Chelebiler village, “Sultan Mejid hamami” in the city centre, “DaireviTiurbe (mauseloum)” in Shikhlar village, 8-pointed tombs and mausoleums in Turkish cemeteries are living history transferred from generation to generation.

Khudafarin bridges are two Khudafarin arch bridges, which are located at the border of Azerbaijan (North – South) connecting the northern and southern banks of the Aras River. Located on the historical Silk Road,

The territory was occupied by Armenian forces on August 23, 1993. In the context of the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, on October 9, 2020, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence announced the recapture of the district’s central town, Jabrayil, from Armenian forces.

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