Kalbajar district

In Turkic Kalbajar means “Castle on the mouth of the river”.  The region received the status of an administrative district in 1930.

Tourism of Kalbajar

It is the highest mountainous region of Azerbaijan. The Kalbajar region is rich in minerals, including deposits of gold and chromium. Beautiful nature, favorable relief, and rich mineral waters, which will contribute to the development of the tourism sector of Kalbajar, are of great importance for the country’s economy.

Kalbajar district is famous in the world for its Istisu mineral springs. At Istisu there are therapeutic mineral and hot springs where people used to go for treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. “Istisu” health resort is located in the western part of Kalbajar – on the slope of the mountain range. Istisu mineral springs appeared as a result of an earth tremor and cracking during the earthquake in 1138.

Khudavang, or Dedeveng, located in the Vang village of Kalbajar region is one of the largest and most beautiful examples of Azerbaijan’s Christian architecture.

Lev castle is one of the most majestic among the Kalbajar region’s highland ones. It was founded on a high forest mountain’s ridge 600 meters from the Lev River’s right bank, in Ganlikend village. The castle can only be entered through the single entrance at the castle’s north-eastern edge if one climbs up by an exclusive narrow path from the north-west.

As part of an agreement that ended the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War the town and its surrounding district were initially to be returned to Azerbaijani control by 25 November 2020.

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