Khudat District

Khudat District


Khudat, one of the oldest towns, is located in Khachmaz, meaning “God’s blessing”. Myconeum made up of Turkish-language / hog (vegetable) and -at (earth) components, and it is in the vineyard. At the beginning of the XVIII century it was the first center of the Guba khanate. In 1735, Fatali Khan’s residence moved from God to Guba, and Khudat lost its previous significance.

Water resources of Khudat

 There are many drinking water resources in Khudat. The famous Shollar water pipeline, which put into operation in 1917 and plays an important role in providing Baku with drinking water, comes from the village of Shollar, near Khudat. The belt with a length of 175 km is included in the list of historical monuments. This source at the foot of “Shahdag” is underground spring water, so there is no need to clean it by chemical means. Because there are no infectious bacteria in the water. Until now no serious repairs or reconstruction work has  carried out on these lines. Because the main part of this pipeline is laid under the ground. At least once in nearly 100 years in the “Baku-Shollar” line of solid clay, no accidents have taken place. 

History of Pipeline and H.Z Taghiyev

A pipeline has also a very interesting history. Population of capitalist Baku, which began to grow rapidly in the second half of the 19th century, suffered from yellow water. Water scarcity caused various epidemic diseases. In 1899, the Baku millionaire, philanthropist, messenger, Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev, who saw the demand for water in the city, brought William Mindley, a prominent English engineer, who had a water pipe in several European cities, and asked him to find a fountain. Lindley comes to the present Khachmaz area with abundant freshwater sources. Drills wells in the Shollar village and discovers the source of quality water fed by Shahdag’s snow and glaciers.  

After a long debate and debate, the construction of the pipeline, which began to be built in 1904, was completed in 1916. It also  said that on the day the water was first given to the city, From the joy of the community of Baku, sheep, camels, oxen sacrificed and gave in-house meetings in the neighborhoods. The “Baku-Shollar” pipeline, located in the vast forest area, protected by a special guard. Access is denied.


It also  has divided into two big neighborhoods since its inception: the upper block and the downstream block. These two districts also allocate a railway line. Khabar has also post office, polyclinic, cultural house, music school and city library. There are five general secondary schools in Khiva. A new bus station that meets modern standards  also built.

Historical monuments 

Near Khudat There is an ancient cemetery, called Tepeyatagi. During the excavations there were ancient finds that date back to our era. The statue of Babak Khurrami, the hero of the nation, who fought against the Arabs, uprooted.





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