Lachin district

Lachin region, is located in mountainous terrain, in the south-west of the Azerbaijan Republic. There were the rarest mahogany tree forests in the world, different kinds of mineral water, cobalt, uranium,  gold, marble deposits in different colors, too many medicinal plants in the territory of Lachin.
Tagi Shahbazi chose the location of the region and gave it the name of Lachin. Lachin region was established in 1924. The center of the region is the city of Lachin.


The region is one of the areas with rich of natural resources of our country. There are red ironwood forests considered a rare tree species in the world. A large number of mineral water springs, cobalt, uranium, mercury, gold, iron, marble deposits of different colors, various herbs in the area.

Agoglan monastery built in the IX century and have been worked for a long time is located on the bank of  Agoglan river in the region. This magnificent monastery built of solid basalt stone has a special place in the monuments of Albanian Christian architecture  according to the sophisticated constructive solution. The monastery building’s internal volume is consist of three parts.

There are human images with the bird in the hand and a symbol of the sun at the horse statues grave stones in Malibey, Gulebird, Gigimli of Lachin. It is known that  Humay was the god of ancient Turkic peoples and the describtion of it in the monuments, likely was designed to protect monuments collapse.

Lachin was captured on May 18, 1992, by the Armenian armed forces during the First Karabakh War. As part of an agreement that ended the 2020 Karabakh War most of the district was returned to Azerbaijani control by 1 December 2020

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