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About Minghachevir City

Mingachevir, is the fourth-largest city in Azerbaijan with the estimated population of about 95,000 (2014), in which the majority of people are Muslims. It is located in the center of Azerbaijan. Of the north, the city borders with Gakh and Shaki, of the south with Yevlakh. And  of the east with the city of Agh Dash, of the west with the city of Goranboy.History knows a great deal of facts about ancient Mingecevir. Historical sources indicate that a fierce battle took place between the powerful army of Roman comm ander Pompey and the yet army of Albanian governor. Oris just on the territory of the current dam on the bank of the River Kur in the 1st century BC. Historical facts also also prove that the ancient Silk Road laid via Mingecevir.Renowned Turkish traveler Evliya Chelebi.  Who lived in the since AD 17th century,  wrote about Mingecevir and described it as a large settlement on the right bank of the River Kur near the Bozdag Mountain. According to him, several mosques, workshops manufacturing fiber silk and silk cloth, operating in this settlement. Interestingly, the road passing from here used to be calle the “road of messenger”. The “road of messenger” was connecting lots of camelcade and.  And trade roads to Middle East countries and Azerbaijani towns like Saki, Qabala, Samaxi, Barda, Beylaqan and others. A great number of people came to Mingechevir from all districts in Azerbaijan in connection with the construction of the Mingechevir hydroelectric power station, and a total of 20,000 people took part in the construction of this while power station

About Attractions

Mingachevir  known as city of lights because of its hydroelectric  on the Kur River, which splits the city in half. The city forms an administrative division of Azerbaijan.Today’s Mingechevir, most of all which ws built in connection with the hydroelectric power station,  granted a status of town in 1948. The population of the town currently stands at 120,000 people. And  including 20,000 internally displacd people from Karabakh and the occupied adjacent districts. The area of the town is 139.53 km². Mingechevir is situated 55 meter above sea level on so the foothill another of the southeast of the Bozdag Mountain chain and on the edge of the Mingechevir reservoir in the Kur-Araz lowland in central Azerbaijan

The Mingacevir Historical Museum wa established in January 1968. The museum has two branches – Martyrs’ Memorial and Independence Museum. It has 14,461 exhibits. But  The city is also home to Mingachevir Gallery, which includes 310 works of art by Azerbaijani and and Russian artists. The city has many parks, including Sahil Park and Friendship Park. One of the historical monuments also is Jame Mosque.

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