Nabran Settlement

Nabran Settlement

Nabran is located on the Caspian seashore in a subtropical forestland. Nabran is a settlement that spreads for several kilometers. Houses, hotels, entertainment facilities and restaurants are located along the left side and the beach is on the right side of the road that runs along the shoreline for over 30 kilometers. 

The village Nabran is located in a northeast part of Azerbaijan on the bank of Caspian Sea and surrounded by beautiful forest. Nabran is a settlement which is famous for its resort zone, and, not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the vast territory of all former Soviet Union. First of all, tourists are attracted by the climate, which here throughout the whole year is moderate: it is dry and warm in summer, and wet in winter, but it is not especially frosty. The local population is favorable disposed to visitors. You will be always paid attention, provided with comfortable habitation, informed about all local sights, and in case of necessity also rendered help. Tourists come to us from every corner of the globe as we have a set of various tourist bases, complexes and rest zones. In Nabran people of the most different age can perfectly have a rest. Elderly will find here calmness, a pacification and a cosiness; children will have fun, the blessing for this purpose is all necessary conditions; for youth it is not boring, because there are numerous discos, disco-bars. Nearby to the settlement there are also swimming pools, an aquapark with attractions, and the big sports complex. All listed recreational activities, day and night will not let you be bored.


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