Neftchala district

Neftchala district  

Administrative and territorial unit in the Republic of Azerbaijan . Together with 18 administrative-territorial representations, 27 municipalities function in the district . The administrative center – Neftchala city Kura of the sea , the earth, is located near the estuary. Large settlement areas of Neftchala city , Hasanabad , Khilli and Bank ; urban qəsəbəl her husband, the lower Surra , Khol Garabujag , Girmizikand , Lower Karamanli villages included. 1 city ​​in the district, 3 urban-type settlements and 48 villages


The current name of Neftchala is related to the presence of rich oil and gas deposits here . The Neftchala toponym is composed of oil and trumpet words, meaning “oil pile”. After the discovery of large oil deposits in the Neftchala region in the early years of the Soviet Union in the twentieth century , large settlements such as Trest and settlement were set up here for the workers and occupants . In 1952 , the city was renamed as Neftchala, which was among the people . For a long time this name has been moved to the 26th settlement . Among the population here is the Noyutyaalso called. Historical sources Neftchala name Boyat , Seyidler Gully, Cala, along with the names of Pirətəvan used 

But here in the past before naming Xanqıslagı winter of states frosty days in a mountainous area near the sheep flocks are associated with bringing here to hibernate . The former name of the Yenigishlag village in the region is also called Khanqışlağı . The population of the district still renamed this village as Khanqislaga.

During the period of the Shirvan Khanate (1747-1820), the present district was part of the Salyan district . In February 1868 Javad crash was set up within the Baku province . During this period Neftchala district is part of Salyan, administrative center and cultural center of this accident . During the period of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Javad crash consists of 5 pristavlaks. The chief Mohammed Bey Suleymanbəyov crash accident in Salyan (city pristavı Hajiyev, assistant Khalil Mammadov), Khilli Boji Promısel ( rus. Божий Промысел ) village (pristav Hagverdiyev, assistant Hasanov) ruled by Javad, Mugan and Belasuvar district presidents .

The town of Kaba 

In the south-eastern Shirvan plain there is a ruin of the city between the former Nord-Ost Koltug village and the nose of Bandovan (between the hand of Bebmanian or Benduyan) near the Kura river . Numerous material and cultural remains of the IX-XI centuries were discovered on the land and on the seabed (fragments of glazed and uncooked clay coated with geometric or ornamental patterns). Archeological materials, clay pots preparation only Orangala and Gəncəd rather than in Neftchala region is within the means . With Bandovanlathere was also another city, about 10-12 kilometers away from it. Scientists’ research and archaeological excavations have revealed significant losses from both cities. These remains were submerged under water, and we are part of a museum in the territory of the national park.


Bala Kur

The Kur River flows into the Caspian Sea, forming delta . Bala Kura channel , Mugan-Salyan collector passes through the territory. Gray-grass, carbonated alluvial-meadow and grassy wetlands . Salinity is encountered. The vegetation is desert and semi – desert . Riparian forests are the . The region of the zoo is rich and colorful. The gazelles and pelicans started cattle and sturgeonsThere are many different creatures. The Kura Practice Factory, which is involved in sturgeon breeding, is here. The baby’s sturgeon is grown in the laboratory and they are exported to the Kur River for the production of valuable fish species . Most of the territory of the Gizilagac State Nature Reserve , which has rich flora and fauna , is located in this region. The district boar , Asia Minor sand mouse , red sand mouse , bustard , little bustard , water snake , turtle, Adder , jackals , wolves , deer , wild cats , rabbits , badgers , foxes , and so on. animals are encountered. Mint , hips , lichens , carrots , chamomile and other herbs are grown in the region . The 1325 hectare area of Shirvan National Park is located in the district. Kura is a water-boggy bird in the delta of the river and other unpleasantThere are living species of fauna species . At the 10 km distance from the district center, where the Kura River flows into the Caspian Sea, an unusual landscape is observed such as the Kura river flow along the ideal straight line from the sea water. The island of Korsos, considered to be a district, is a great place for fishing.


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