Oghuz district

Oghuz district

Oghuz is one of the oldest dwellings of Azerbaijan. The people of this area lived a sedentary life back in the Neolithic age. In early AD, this territory was part of Albania in the Caucasus and then of Sheki khanate in the 18th century. Archeologists discovered ancient human dwellings nearby the villages of Kerimli and Garabaldır.

Oghuz district

There are arrow heads, bronze arms and stone busts of women and hand sticks among findings. Oghuz district (Vartashen until 1991) created on 08th August 1930 and Vartashen District People’s Court (presently Oghuz District Court) was established that year. In 1963-1965 Nukha district (Sheki since 1968) was part of Oghuz district. District is located in the Sheki-Zakatala economic zone at the southern foot of the Upper Caucasus. It shares a border in the north with Daghestan Republic of the Russian Federation. It has 33 villages. Its total area is 1.77 km², and it has a population of over 40.000 (14th June 2011). District shares borders with the Russian Federation (Daghestan Republic) in the north, Gabala district in the east, Sheki district in the west, and Aghdash district in the south. There are 759 refugee families – 3470 people and 703 IDP families – 2270 people settled in Oghuz district as a result of the aggressive policy of armenian occupiers. The district also shares borders with Yevlakh, Tartar, Aghdam and Aghjabadi districts.

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