Qubadli District 

Qubadli District is a district of Azerbaijan. The region holds rich subsoil resources and mysterious natural beauty, and is situated between Mount Zangazur and Nagorno Karabakh mountain range. It was established in 1933 as an administrative unit. The distance between Gubadli and Baku is 403 km.


GOY QALA (GOY FORTRESS) : Aliguluushagi – 5 km long of the Davutlu road, on the right and the right side of the Bargushad River, there are two stubborn monuments on the giant rocks face to face. At the first right bank of the river, in the height of a thousand meters, it is almost as large as the solid lime with the position of Shusha.

There is only one bedroom in the sloping slopes with only a loose coconut, and at the highest peak of the construction site, there are still rocks and walls built of large stones that do not fit into human strength. The area has only one entrance line, where only individual movements are possible.

 BRİDGE OF LALEZAR.  Two bridges of bridges dating back to 2 km from the village of Alikuluushag were built in 1867. Elderly elders who lived in the first half of the 20th century were talking about the construction of the bridge. The father of this Lalazar, Hokka Simoin, takes over the garden at a price higher than the village of Alikuluushagi at the beginning of the century.

Lalazar builds a bridge in the history of the fortune-telling, which we find in the history of the wealthy Hoca Simo. The goal is to bring the villages of Zangazur, which lives in hunger and misery, to the Azerbaijani lands.

ALBANİAN CHURCHES AND MONUMENTS. The buildings of the Albanian churches in the villages of Yuhari Cibikli and Mazra in Gubadli region remained in occupation. There was a church-type graveyard on the high steep hill above the Amuduq village.

Gubadli region was occupied by armed forces of Armenia on 31 August 1993.

25 October 2020 – the city of Gubadli was liberated from Armenian occupation, as were 41 villages in the region during the Second Karabakh War.

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