Shusha city

Shusha literally means “glass”, and derives from Persian Shīsha (“glass, vessel, bottle, flask”).  Panahabad (“City of Panah”), Shusha’s previous name, was a tribute to Panah Ali Khan, the first ruler of the Karabakh Khanate.

The city was also one of the leading centres of Azerbaijani culture. The town of Shusha is associated with the musical traditions of Azerbaijani people. Shusha is home to one of the leading schools of mugham, traditional Azerbaijani genre of vocal and instrumental arts. Shusha is particularly renowned for this art.

Its area is mountainous (Karabakh mountain chain). The highest peak of it is Big Kirs (2725 m). There are different kinds of construction materials and mineral water springs (Turshsu, Shirlan). Gargar river flows from the region. Earth of it is mostly brown mountain-forest, grassland, grassy. Upper mountainous area is covered with subalp and alp meadows. There is one flower owning special beauty in Shusha mountains. It does not grow anywhere else. The miracle created by nature is called Khari bulbul. Top side of the flower is as if there is nightingale on it.

Turshsu summer pastures, Sakili spring, Isa, Shamil springs, legendary “Jidir duzu” are the favourites locations of local people and guests.

Turshsu is famous as rest and medical zone. It is located in 40 kilometers from Lachin road. From the left side river Dashalti flows. Turshsu was popular for its therapeutic and medicinal bathtubs.

ourists staying in sanatories and recreational centers visit those spectacular places and can not hide their surprise. Khari-bulbul festivals are held  every May in one of the main recreation centers “Jidir duzu”.

Shusha was occupied on May 8th, 1992 by russian and armenian invaders. Occupation date of Shusha was heavy blow to Azerbaijan morality and severe grief for all of us. During invasion of Shusha 200 people were killed, 150 were handicapped, 552 babies became orphan, nearly 22 thousand people became refugees, during invasion aggressors demolished our historical monuments and razed them to the ground as reported.

On November 8, 2020, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev announced that the Azerbaijani army took control of the city of Shusha. The next day, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence released a video from the city, confirming full Azerbaijani control.

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