Terter District


Tartar is considered to be one of the oldest settlements in Azerbaijan.

City was located on the caravan route between West and East, so many people came here to send orders and letters from surrounding points in the Middle Ages,. That is why Terter was called Pastor in the past. Some claim that the former name of the district was Grabepa. It is surrounded by dense forests of Terter and fertilizers.

Historical monuments

24 historical and cultural monuments situate in Tartar. One of them is Borsunlu mounds belonging to the world-famous Bronze Age and Iron Age.Research and archaeological excavations show that Terter is an ancient settlement. In 1981, an archaeological excavation was carried out in the village of Borsunlu in Tartar, and before the era, a great kurgan of the third millennium was discovered. One of these monuments belonging to the Bronze Age is a three-storey grave, square-shaped clay of 15 square meters. Skeleton of a human skeleton on the upper floor, eight on the second floor, and ten human skeletons were found on the third floor. A grave belonging to the leader of the tribe was found and found in the burial mound known as Çor Kurgan. Height of the tomb was 32 meters, width was 8 meters, depth was 4 meters. 

Argan Trees

More than 200 rarest argan trees have been planted on the grave. The coffin’s coffers are mainly engraved with gold and bronze, so far, was not found. Tabuta tribal leader’s warheads, spears and arrows, war tarszines, marble pots, pottery containers, bronze and golden decorations, golden buttons, beaded golden beaks, glass and bead beads.


Slaves and slaves were buried on one side of the grave and horses were buried in another part. Archaeological evidence suggests that people living in the Borsunlu area were engaged in viticulture and animal husbandry.

Geography and climate

It is located in the western part of the Kura – Araz lowland. The Tartar district, located in the north-eastern part of the Lesser Caucasus range, is westward to the east, 227.1 meters above sea level. Average temperature is 11.2 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature in the region is 42 degrees Celsius. Soil is gray, gray and grass-gray. The Terter and the Thin rivers flow from the territory, and Khachin River flows from the southern border.

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