Tovuz District


The rich historical monuments of Tovuz, one of the oldest inhabited settlements, are a clear indication that historically the Aboriginal tribes and peoples’ representatives live in the country. The 300,000-year-old rocks, found in the Zayamchay basin, the Torpakal monuments, the remains of the ancient Hunan city, the Kohnagala and Goytapa monuments of 8-10 thousand years, and so on. shows how old these lands are.

The relief 

The territory of the Tovuz region is divided into 4 zones: relief, low mountainous, foothills and high altitude zones. The southern part of the district is in the middle and high altitude zone, the central part lies in the low mountainous and foothill zone, and the northern part is in the foothills. The area is 330 m above sea level.

Economic characteristics 

The basis of the Tovuz region economy is agriculture. Viticulture, vegetable growing, dry subtropical fruit growing, gardening, horticulture, grain growing and livestock are important areas of agriculture. The number of industrial enterprises in the region is 45, 21 of them are operating.

The material and cultural heritage 

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated August 2, 2001, 64 historical, cultural and archaeological monuments have been confirmed in the territory of Tovuz region. Among them 18 are country (2 architecture, 16 archeological), 46 are local (32 architecture, 11 archaeological, 1 monumental memorial monument, 2 decorative-applied art) is protected by the state.

The architectural monuments of national significance include the Haci Bagir Mosque, the Yakanlı village mosque , the Kirzan Temple , which belongs to the millennial century in Duzgirlikli village .

The XII century temple in Kirzan village today has only remains. It is important to carry out research and conservation work around the monument.


As in every region of Azerbaijan, Tovuz region has its own specific food. These types of dishes include pastry, cereal and beetroot, potatoes. One of the popular pastry dishes in Azerbaijan’s culinary department is also known as Tovuz Gorgeli.

Tovuz District

There are about a dozen kinds of rice and dolma, and about a decent type of kebab. Most of these are prepared by using a wide range of vegetables. Tovuz has been widely used in vegetables, greens, milk and flour since ancient times.

Sugary dishes, vegetable fries, various pilafs, sweets, dairy products are the main dishes of Tovuz cuisine. In Tovuz, more than 10 dishes are prepared from potatoes.

There are also some dishes that are more cooked and used in Tovuz. Tovuz’s buckwheat, watermelon, fur, folding, uncooked, noodles and dishes, dishes made from different types of glasses – spinach, unnuca, gazayagi, şomu and so on.

It is possible to show a variety of poles from the meals. The most famous herbaceous herb, which is very popular in Tovuz. In addition, boiled potatoes, peas and beans are also cooked.

Tovuz District

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