Ujar district


Ujar region was organized on January 24, 1939 . Different opinions are being made about the name of the district, the history of its creation. In the book of Al-İstahrî’s “Ways of the People” of Arab geography , Ujar is mentioned as a medieval city in Azerbaijan . In the writings of Azerbaijani poet Badr Shirvani, who lived in the 15th century, there is also the word Ujar. According to some considerations, the name of the district was derived from the word “fly in Azerbaijani language. Other claims claim that the name of the district was taken from the name of the “Ujar” tribe, living in Shirvan . Ujar There are those who say that it is possible to get rid of the word “outspoken”. At present, the Ujar region, the central part of the time in spite of Shirvan capital of Shamakhi city, as it is located in the most remote area of the name “remote” in the word is supposed to be taken. Ujar region in the past the territory of Shirvan province, and later in Shamakhi khanate United States, the 1840 th year, 10 in April , the Caspian region, mainly in administrative reform, 1846 contest, in Shamakhi qurberniyasının was a part of. 1859 -th year After the disintegration of the Shamakhi earthquake, the governor’s office was moved to Baku . In December 1867 Goychay accident was set up in the Baku province . At that time, the Ujar district was part of the Goychay accident . In 1930, the accident division was abolished and the administrative division of the district was abolished and the Ujar district was detained in the Goychay district . On January 14, 1939, Ucar was separated from the Goychay region and organized as an independent region.

The relief 

The Ujar region is located 240 km west of Baku at the plain of Shirvan. There are 32 settlements in its territory. From Goychay to the north, Kurdamir from the east, Zardab from the south, and Aghdash from the west. Geographical location of the district is quite favorable. The passage of the Baku-Tbilisi highway and highway via the Ujar region, as well as the reconstruction of the Old Silk Road, will greatly enhance the economic significance of its location.

Ujar district is 234 km west of Baku – Shirvan plain. It is located at the intersection of Baku-Tbilisi railway, Central-Ujar, at the junction of Baku-Ganja and Goychay-Zardab highways. The surface is plain. The eastern and southeastern parts of the area are located below the ocean level. Anthropogenic sediments are spread. There are grass-grass soils. The total land fund is 83398 hectares. The water sources are the Goychay River, Garasu River, which is the turn of Turyanchay and Upper Shirvan. The head of Shirvan passes through southern Ujar region


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