Abgora Syrup

Abgora syrup has been a non-alcoholic beverage since ancient times, both at wedding tables and at the daily family table.

Abgora is a juice squeezed from sour and thick grapes. It is used in dishes such as kebab, meat, pickles, fish, dumplings to taste. As Abgora is very sour, it prevents high blood pressure and speeds up digestion after eating meat and fatty foods at the same time. Therefore, for a middle-aged man, Abgora is a real find.In the last century, every Azerbaijani, and especially the Baku family, always had a bottle of Abgora syrup. Recently, unfortunately, this unique drink is disappearing from our table and kitchen.

Sour, cool, fragrant Abgora syrup combines well with high-calorie dishes such as dolma, kebab, pilaf, qutab. In spring and summer, you can also prepare this useful drink, store it in the refrigerator and serve it.

How to make Abgora syrup:
30-50 ml of Abgora juice is added to a jug and mixed with cold water. Add 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and dissolve. Squeeze a little lemon juice. This syrup is an excellent drink for people suffering from diabetes, overweight and high blood pressure.

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