Azerbaijan Museum of Geology

Azerbaijan Museum of Geology

The museum founded in 1969, at that time it functioned as a site museum and in 1982 given “Azerbaijan Museum of Geology” status. The main objective of the museum is general exhibition of rock, mineral. Ore samples characterizing mineral-raw material source of the country. Popularizing and agitating the results of geological exploration works. And scientific-geological achievements on large scale.

The exposition hall

In the exposition hall of the museum, more than 5,000 samples of ore. And non-ore materials mirroring the mineral-raw material resources of Azerbaijan. As well as brought from different regions of the world, building materials, decorative and cover stones. virgin rocks, mineral, paleontological findings, fauna and flora remnants covering the time from the Silurian to the Neogene era. Parts of the republic of geological interest, minerals deposits, panoramas reflecting quarries, portraits of prominent geologists and exhibits of other sorts are shown. In order establish certain idea about natural richness of underground of the earth in Azerbaijan Republic.

Sections of Museum

There six sections in the museum. Regional geology, mineral-raw material base of the republic, petrography, mineralogy, paleontology and photos. Visitors of the museum can also get acquainted with audio-video materials related with geology.It opened on December 25, 2010 after capital rebuilt. 

The museum conducts a wide range of research and educational work in the field of geology and mineralogy. The exposition of the museum acquaints with the geological structure of Azerbaijan territory. The local sources of mineral and raw materials as well as with the history of the exploration of the bowels. The museum very actively involved in teaching work.

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