Azerbaijan State Pantomime Theatre


The theatre founded in 1994 by Bakhtiyar Khanizadeh, an actor of the Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators. He worked closely with students of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts. And selected the ones he considered fit to establish the pioneer mime theatre studio in Azerbaijan. For the next 11 years, the theatre based in the building of the Theatre of Young Spectators until relocated to the building of the Shafag Cinema. In 2000, it received the status of a state owned

Beginning in 2000, the theatre has twice housed the Himjim International Pantomime festivals. As of 2009, it has toured 12 countries, its repertoire including 24 plays by both local and foreign playwrights.

The first pantomime theatre

 It is the first pantomime theatre in the history of theatrical arts of Azerbaijan . Despite of novelty of this theatrical form in Azerbaijan, the admirers of the theatrical art have understood and accepted a pantomime. The important advantage of a pantomime is in internationality of its language. There are no boundaries for it.

Founder of the pantomime building

Founder of the it in Azerbaijan is Bakhtiyar Khani-Zadeh. He is the Honored worker of art of the Azerbaijan Republic, senior lecturer of the faculty of Stage Act and Choreography of the Azerbaijan State University of Art and Culture. He graduated Sankt-Petersburg State Academy of Theatre, Music and Cinematography. The studio of a pantomime “The Crowd of mads” built and acted in TYP since 1994 under the decree of the Ministry of culture of the Azerbaijan Republic Polad Bul-Bul ogli. Mister has dedicated to theatre of studio 10 actor’s staffs of the high category. Age of an actor’s structure is from 18 up to 30 years. Pantomime  has undertaken such liability, as propagation of a pantomime and admission it on the part of the Azerbaijan’s spectators.

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