Azerbaijan State Theatre of Musical Comedy

Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theatre 

Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theatre is the biggest musical theatres of the republic. The first performance of musical comedy of U.Hajibeyov, written in 1909 Husband and Wife took place in circus building of Nikitin Brothers in Baku on May 24, 1910. With this performance the Musical Comedy Theatre of Azerbaijan founded.

Until 1938, the musical comedies played at Azerbaijan Opera and Ballet Theater. In 1938 the musical comedy (with Azerbaijani and Russian sectors) theatre organized and in September of that year was granted an official status of the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theatre. In 1939, the first Azerbaijan Soviet musical comedy Five manat worth bride, Husband and Wife, Married single and later Whose wedding? (A. Mashadibeyov), Red Rose (S. Hajibeyov), and at the Russian section of the theater Blue mazurka (F. Leqar), Arshin mal alan (U. Hajibeyov), Queen of the Circus (I.Kalman) Wedding in Malinovka (B. Alexandrov), etc. performed.
Since 1940 theatre was in leading position in the cultural life of Azerbaijan.

Building of the theater 

During 1988-1992 the absence of building of the theater and the socio-political events in republic at those days, as well as Karabakh events had an impact on artistic activity of creative collective of the theater, but later the theater stepped on a new development stage. Probably,  the collective began to prepare new performances one after one and enriched the repertoire: This or that, Musical soul, Love on the stage, Farewell, Everyone’s own star, Ten thousand dollars relaxation, Crazy World, King for a day, Banker fiancée, Love Game, etc.
Now, at the rich repertoire of the theater was formed in Azerbaijani and Russian sectors.

Almost Azerbaijani famious musical comedy genre arrived in the early of 20 century. Seems like,opera that genre created after the creation of Hajibeyov. His comedy -“Husband and wife”, written in 1909, offered in 1910. In subsequent years, represented Hajibeyovs musical comedies- “That impossible, it possible”-(1911), “Arshin Mal Alan”-(1913). 

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