Baku Museum of Modern Art

 Baku Museum of Modern Art

The museum basis – is the collection of the good works of painting and sculpture of Azerbaijan avant-guardists. It lasted from 2nd half of the 20th century up to now. The collection depict aspirations, strivings and freedom of human soul.

The museum decorated as a single organism combining art and sculpture, design and architecture. The author of the museum concept, architecture and design, the collection and exposition selection is the artist Altay Sadikh-zadeh.The main idea assumes the following. The halls without an angle, open passages make the review perspective and multidimensional and creates the effect of labyrinth. The bending walls in different angles make an illusion of continuous movement.There are no confined spaces in the museum. A two-storey building designed as a whole with an architectural linking device – an art-object of “forgotten staircase”. Another joining factor is the color –every part of the museum is white color.

The museum itself is a showcase of avant-guard art with its free architectural forms. Also there are conspicuous metallic structures, a well-chosen and artistically designed exposition of paintings and sculptures.

The museum focuses on the second half of the twentieth century and contains over 800 works by notable Azerbaijani painters and sculptors. Particularly avant garde art of the 1960s and 1970s, including Rasim Babayev, Ashraf Murad, Gennady Brejatjuk, Fazil Najafov, Mamed Mustafaev, Aga Houssejnov, Rashad Babayev and Altay Sadikh-zadeh. There are also non-Azerbaijani modern masterworks by Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, and Marc Chagall from private collectors.

The museum includes a children’s fine arts department, a video hall, a cafe, a restaurant, a separate hall for private exhibitions.Also there are a library, and a bookstore with materials pertaining to world art, architecture and sculpture.

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