Museum of Archaelogy and Ethnography

Museum of Archaelogy and Ethnography

The archaeological findings covering all stages of the Azerbaijan history from the ancient Stone Age up to the late Middle Ages. The ethnographic materials dated from the 19th century – beginning of the 20th century are the core of the Museum collection. The museum exhibits give a comperehensive idea of the camps of ancient  people in Azerbaijan lands. Dwellings and tombstones of the located agricultural and cattle-breeding population, culture of the early inhabits, history and tangible culture of the ancient states. Also  Azerbaijan ancient art,archaelogy, style of life, economy, intellectual development of modern Azerbaijanians’ ancestors.

The museum’s exhibitions

The museum’s exhibitions give detailed information about the sites of primitive people. A;so there are information about living houses on the territory of Azerbaijan, settlements belonging to cattle breeders and farmers. Historical and material culture of ancient states, gravestone monuments, Azerbaijani arts of ancient times, economy, lifestyle, moral values of ancestors of the Azerbaijani people.

In 2008 the museum underwent restoration works and increased the number of its exhibitions to 2000.

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