Nizami Museum of Literature

Nizami Museum of Literature

It named after Nizami Ganjavi. And built by the decision of the Republican government on the occasion of Nizami Ganjavi’s 800th anniversary on 1 November 1939. The opening of the museum for community intended after the implementation of a number of preparation works in 1941. But the Second World War didn’t allow it. The doors of the museum opened for people only after 5 days from 9 May victory of 1945th year in Baku. The building of the museum built as a one-storey caravansary in 1850. The first floor built in 1915 and turned to “Metropol” hotel. This building used as a living house and a work place of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic in 1918-1920.

Nizami Ganjavi

The museum named after Nizami Ganjavi  placed in this building since 1939.  After the implementation of reconstruction works on the basis of the project of the architects Sadig Dadashov and Mikayil Huseynov.


The exposition area is 2500 square metres. The exhibits  placed in 30 main and 10 subsidiary halls. Two salons comprised of 270 and 75 places  reconstructed for conducting mass events and equipped. All the halls computerized, separate monitors installed for the visitors’ working, a database  created in three languages. Also 14 monitors and listening devices  commissioned for watching audio-video materials.

Building of the Museum

The internal and external lightening of the building, permanent video monitoring systems of all exhibits and administrative building  established. A monitor with special sound  installed outside of the building for the regular delivery of the events. Items on our history of culture in the museum to the inabitants of the city, the showcases of the rooms on the ground floor have been decorated with banners. They reflect the classical writers of our literature and their selective ideas, and included in the scope of the inhabitants of the city and visitors.

The yard of the museum  prepared as an open exposition with taste and under the sky for having a rest and conducting different measures.

Modern Life

The way of development of Azerbaijani literature from the old times to modern time showed  in the museum. Moe than 4 thousand manuscripts demonstrated in the exposition of the museum. They are rare books, memory items of the writers, portraits, statues, illustrations, miniatures, artistic works, and other exhibits 

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