Taze Bey Hamam

All about Taza Bay Hamam

Among public buildings, baths have always had a special importance for people. Ancient Egypt and Rome were famous for their baths and hamamthermae. Apart from their main role, public baths have also served as clubs, places for meeting and exchanging views.The Tazabay bath, which was built in central Baku in the nineteenth century (1886), has also been a place for relaxation. The bath was fully restored in 2003.Today Tazabay, which meets all modern demands, is one of the favorable places for the guests of our city. Ithas Oriental, Russian and Finnish baths and a swimming pool. It provides a lot of other services, including all kinds of massage, kise, pedicure, manicure, etc. It also has a restaurant with Oriental and European cuisines, and also a bar and a beer bar. The services are provided by a high-quality staff.


The Tazabey Hamam at Sheikh Shamil street (former Krasnokrestovsky), 14 ws built in the nineteenth century (1886) under the historically developed architectural traditions of an Islamic bath. Hamam (later named on the Tazabey Hamam) which is located in central Baku has also ben a place for relaxation. The bath was fully restored in 2003 according to the modern requirements for the historical monuments of architecture*.Historical reference: The bath building was constructed in 1886, one of the first of European type, with rooms for individual using, but with east architecture of facades. Its angular arrangement, character of modelling and an architectural composition make an integral part of a historical heritage and serves as acknowledgement of the importance of this object in the city structure as the monument of architecture. 


1.Entrance for one person included: Azerbaijani and Turkish hamam, iceroom, sauna (fin or russian), Barrel, pool, shower, fitya. To use bath towels and slippers are provided.(19 man)

2.Disposable goods:
Kise2 man.
Wisp of bast(2man)
Soap(1,5 man)
Disposable briefs(2 man)hamam

3.Rubbing body (14 man)
VIP Kise (20 man)

4.Broom (eucalyptus) -(10man)
Bamboo (4 man)

5.Pedicure (24 man)

6.Manicure (22 man)

7.Barber ( 20 man)tezebey

8.Massage(30 minute) -(20 man)
 Massage with banks (30 min.)-(26 man)

9.Soap foam washing (10 man)

10. Scrub (3 man)

11.Shoeshine (2 man)

12.VIP Room “Taze Bey” 1 (70 man)

13.VIP Room “Taze Bey” 2 ( 50 man)




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