Baku State University

Baku State University

About Baku State University

Baku State University is an institution where some of the nation’s first-rated intellects lead 127 academic departments. And associative research units concentrating on the country’s substantial issues. We instill our students to go forth with an ambitious spirit while pursuing their own intentions. The University became one of the country’s leading institutions since it integratd its education system to the European 3 cycled education system (Bachelor, Master and PhD) in 1993. All three levels of higher education and staff training ar carried out in the University – Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral (PHD) levels, according to the European credit transfer system.

Approximately 20,000 people study at Baku State University every year. The applicants are offerd a vast range of courses in the fields of social sciences, humanities and natural sciences. Currently there are 17 faculties which offer 60 specialization degrees forbachelor, 197 specializations for masters and 70 for PHD studies.

The organization of educational process on specializations prepared in accordance with state educational standards for higher education and carried out on the basis of the curriculum approved by the rector.

We offer education in 3 languages- Azerbaijani, English and Russian.


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