Azadliq Square

Azadliq Square

Azadliq Square in Baku is the biggest city-centre square in Azerbaijan. It lies next to Baku Boulevard. The square, formerly named Lenin Square after Vladimir Lenin. Created in the 1960–70s, after construction of the Government House of Baku. Finished in 1952 and monument to Leninerected in front of it in 1955.and, first of all, also, another, furthermore, finally, in addition Along with the square, Baku authorities constructed several buildings including “Azerbaijan” and “Absheron” hotels encircling the square. Later demolished and replaced with Hilton Baku and JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel. The Lenin monument sculpted by D. M. Garyaghdi was removed in early 1990s. It also renamed in 1991 to Azadliq Square (Freedom Square) after collapse of Soviet Union. In 2006, the government sponsored project oversaw renovation works at the Government House and its vicinity including Azadliq Square. 

Starting on 17 November 1988, large-scale demonstrations began in Baku’s Lenin Square. It is to protest against the alleged destruction of a forest near Shusha by Armenians.


During the Cold War Lenin’s Square used As a parade ground for the annual International Workers’ Day – May 1. Victory Day – May 9, and October Revolution – November 7 parades and demonstrations. The events later led to proclamation, in 1992, of National Revival Day of 17 November. Following the Black January crackdown by Soviet troops in Baku on 20 January 1990. Azadliq Square became the gathering and mourning place for approximately 2 million people. They gathered to take the dead to a burial site in Martyrs’ Lane in upper Baku. In 1989 one of Azerbaijan’s greatest vocalist, Yaqub Zourofchi, held a revolutionary concert as Azerbaijan was gaining their independence from USSR. Azadlig Square is also the place where annual Military Parade of Azerbaijani Armed Forces take place on the 26th of June.

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