The Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

The Chapel of Christ the Redeemer

Adress: AZ1069 Baku,Mammad Araz st. 69/b/1 (Genjlik)
 Tel: +994 12 562 22 55

Fax: +994 12 436 09 43

The Chapel of Christ the Redeemer’s Parish locates in a private residence purchased by Salesian brethren with the object of organizing a permanent place. Because celebrating divine services and the Order monks’ living. It was the main place of celebrating divine services of the Catholic Church in Azerbaijan for a long time and on finishing the construction of the Church of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception, all the main services were transferred there.

At present the Chapel serves as a place of prayers and services of Salesians residing in the same house; some Holy Masses for parishioners also celebrated there. Besides, the Community gave different courses arranged in the Parish house. There is a library and a computer classroom there as well

Schedule of Divine Services and Arrangements:

09:00 the Holy Mass in Russian

19:00 the Holy Mass in Russian.

1980: A team of 8 volunteers comprised of 6 members from Golden Harvest Centre and 2 members of the SAC young adults group began door-to-door evangelism. Bedok Extension Centre (BEC) of SAC was born.

In October, the BEC committee formed too. The committee consisted of Rev Tan Pek Hua (a Pastor attached to the SAC) as its Chairman, Paul Tan as Vice Chairman, one Honorary Secretary and five committee members.They held the first worship service  on 2 Nov 1980 at the office of Mr and Mrs Arthur Phua. Congregation was about 30 people who met regularly for worship and formed the Sunday school .

1982: They also further developed the worship services had a regular attendance of about 60 people and the home cell group ministry  with the addition of one new group.  After being turned down by All Saints Church to be part of its

1981: BEC had a new Pastor-in-charge, Rev Fred Vergara. And so under his leadership, BEC experienced the move of the Holy Spirit which led to a revival in the church. BEC shifted its place of worship to the AVA room of Anglican High School. Rev Fred Vergara shared his vision of BEC attaining. Because its objective and becoming a parish church in the future. The year ended with the formation of two home cell groups. 

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