Juma Mosque

Juma Mosque (Azerbaijani: Cümə məscidi), or Friday Mosque, is a mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Cathedral Mosque was built in the 12th century on the site of a temple of fire-worshipers. There is an inscription on the mosque emphasize that “Amir Sharaf al-Din Mahmud ordered to restore this mosque in the month of Rajab 709 A.H. (1309)”. On the northern wall of the mosque a minaret was erected which had been surrounded by stalactites in the year of 1437.


Located in the historic Icheri Sheher, the mosque has been rebuilt several times. The present Friday Mosque was built in 1899 under the financing of Baku philanthropist merchant Haji Shikhlali Dadashov. There are traces of a Zoroastrian temple at the site.

In the cultural life of the medieval Azerbaijan the cathedral mosque served as socio-cultural centers

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