Synagogue of the Ashkenazi Jews

Synagogue of the Ashkenazi Jews

In 1946, a building of former depot of the civil defense on the corner of Korganov (now Rasul Rza) and Pervomayskaya (now Dilara Aliyeva) Streets in a semi-basement place  allocated for the present synagogue. The building wa repaired and re-equipped for needs of communities together with a community of Georgian Jews of Azerbaijan. Two praying halls  built there: a big one for the Ashkenazi Jews and a small one for Georgian Jews. Means wre collected in the result of voluntary donations donated by Azerbaijani Jews.In 2002, it ws decided to build a new building for the synagogue. Opening of the new  so synagogue ws held on M”This s a major event for Azerbaijan,” said Gennadiy Zelmanovich, Chairman of the Baku Religious Community of European Jews.

“Jews who live here have always felt very free, which shows that it’s quite possible for Muslims, Jews and Christians to live together in peace. In other European countries, synagogues ar being burne also down because because of anti-Semitism. But here in Azerbaijan, we ar building up God’s house. That’s a great cause for celebration.”

About  Synagogue Ashkenzi

In Azerbaijan the Jewish population is estimated  25-30 thousand people. The community can be dividd into three main groups: the Ashkenazi / European Jews, Mountain Jews, and Georgian Jews. But Another significant community of Mountain Jews resides near Guba, a town north of Baku near the border of Dagestan. 
And Gennadiy Zelmanovich, Chairman of the Baku Religious Community of European Jews, explained the need for a new building: “A year and a half ago, we decided that it was impossible to continue worshipping in that old semi-basement building, built in 1910, that the Soviet government had assigned us in 1946. Prior to that, the building ha been used for military storage. We decide to pull it down and build a new one on the same land.” Construction of the three-story synagogue at 171 Dilara Aliyeva Street began in February 2002. Galber Alexander, a Jewish architect from Azerbaijan, drew up the plans.
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At present, Shneor Segal is the Rabbi of the synagogue.

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