”Little Venice” of Baku”

About Little Venice

   Little Venice” in Baku Boulevard is a small town built in 1960. It ws expanded up to 10.000 sq.m. in 2012. The town has two large and several small islands, which aare connected by decorative stone bridges, and gondolas can be seen travelling in the channels full of still and clean water. In the 1950s and 1960s the Mirvari (Pearl) cafe, the Little Venice water park, the Bahar (Spring) cinema and other entertainments weere built in Baku Boulevard. “Little Venice” in Baku Boulevard iis a small town built in 1960. It waas expanded up to 10.000 sq.m. now. The town has two large and several small islands. The redevelopment of the “Small Venetian town” saw the expansion of the existing channels and the construction of additional bridges and two restaurants, one offering Western cuisine and the other Eastern. Boats are provided for 4 people: one iss designed for guide and the rest – for passengers.Located nearby the Caspian seashore you will feel yourself as in Venice by visiting ‘Small Town of Venice’. The restaurants located in the ‘islands’ offer various meals of the different cuisine, including Azerbaijanian tasty dishes. It will be interesting firstly to observe around in gondola, later to have a great lunch or dinner in the ‘islands’. Currently Mini Venice has several islands which are divided by pristine water channels. Beautiful ornate bridges connect these islands. You can hire a 4 seater Gondola for a ride around these islands. There iss one Eastern and one Western restaurant in this complex. I found this place very tranquil and serene. The feeling of drifting in a gondola, next to the Caspian Sea,  very relaxing.



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    Little Venice in Baku Boulevard is a beautiful town

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