Beaches Nearby Baku

Beaches Nearby Baku

The Caspian Sea is known as the world’s largest.

Lake and the Azerbaijani coastline extends over 800km.

Making it a great beach destination. There are also beach clubs in Baku and a couple of nice beaches just outside the city. In the city, there are a few beaches, including Shikhov Beach. There are always worries of pollution but The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources monitor the pollution and they advise the general population of Baku where swimming is safe and where it is not. It is highly recommended that you follow.

These guidelines when going to the beach.

The sea at Novkhanı, Pirshagi, Nardaran, Bilgah, Zagulba, Buzovna, Mardakan, Shuvalan, Hovsan and Dubandi is safe for swimming. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has confirmed that no sewer-pipes drain into the sea at Bilgah, Buzovna, Mardakan, Pirshagi and Nardaran; this also applies to the Amburan beach and Novkhanı and Jorat seashores, with their summer cottages. 16 local waste water treatment plants which comply with international standards have been installed at these beaches.

We have pulled together a list of the popular beaches and beach clubs in Baku.

Crescent Beach

This beach is just 9km from Baku city center. This situated next to a popular hotel, so beverages and.

Restaurant are close to hand if you feel like going indoors for a bit. The 400m long beach has a safety cordon and life guards, making it family friendly. The complex offers a wide range of services: changing rooms, shower rooms, a tennis court and basketball court, swimming pool, fitness club, hot whirlpool, sauna and table tennis.

Aqua Park, Shikhov

This is one of the city’s most popular beach complexes, mainly because it is only 9.5km from the city center and easily accessible by bus (only a ten minute ride). This beach also has everything that a beachgoer needs to have a pleasant experience including shade, table, sun loungers and a bar. There are also three big swimming pools, one specifically for children. This beach is also one of the cleanest on the shore of Shikhov.

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