Hirkan National Park

Hirkan National Park

The most noteworthy place in South Azerbaijan is Hirkan National Park, as it contains real flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else.

The main purpose of creating the National Park is the comprehensive protection of nature in the area. Protection of relict and endemic plant species of the third period, preservation of typical flora and fauna species included in the “Red Data Book” (a book where the¬†endangered plants and animals are enlisted) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, environmental monitoring, public awareness, as well as conditions for research, tourism and recreation.

Ironwood is the most popular among other endangered plants. This is a tree with a strong trunk and an extraordinary appearance. Moreover, Lankaran acacia, Caucasian oak and Hyricanian box tree are unique and endangered plants of the Hirkan forest.

Hirkan is home to rare animals as well as a magnificent flora. There are numerous endemic birds such as Caucasian pheasant, Caspian tit and others. The jungle cat, Caspian tiger, brown bear, red fox and roe deer are rare animals living in Hirkan forests.

Antoher networtyhy place in Hirkan is Khanbulan Lake. The lake, mountains and lowland around the lake creates astonishing view.

Hirkan National Park is a magnificent place worth to visit. The site can be discovered thorugh hiking and ecotourism activities.

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