The “Seven Beauties” Waterfalls

Seven Beauties

The “Seven Beauties” waterfalls are located in Vendam settlement of Gabala city. This waterfall is near the village of Ruskan. The waterfalls flow from the highest peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. Among the most famous tourist attractions , The “Seven Beauties” waterfalls are 6 km from the village of Vendam and 3 km from the main road over Puskan.

Below the mountin,  only two small waterfalls are visible. One has to climb the wooden stairs to see the other five waterfalls, which takes a little physical effort. But a mysterious sight awaits those who pass this difficult path. The waterfall is dark and cold, since it is situated in a thick forest not touched by sunshine.

In late autumn, winter and early spring, it is impossible to climb the waterfall because it is surrounded by ice and the waterfall is covered with ice. In spring and summer, teahouses are located on every mountain road, where guests are offered tea with traditional Gabala jam. At the highest point of the waterfall, against the soothing sounds and views of the waterfall, there is also a teahouse with a special wooden floor where you can drink tea. Water for tea is taken from the waterfall, which strengthens the taste of the tea.

The “Seven Beauties” waterfalls are located at the foot of the mountain, in a mountainous area with dense forests. Thousands of tourists come to see the waterfall every year.

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