Can you travel to Azerbaijan?

Can you travel to Azerbaijan?

Traveling to Azerbaijan is very easy.

Travel to Azerbaijan by air

The international airport of Baku has many connections to Europe and many other countries in Asia and the Middle East.

Travel to Azerbaijan by land

Georgia – There are two very friendly open borders with Georgia, one linking Zaqatala with Sighnaghi and other one linking Ganja with Tbilisi. The second one can be crossed by train and, in fact, there is a direct night train from Tbilisi to Baku.

Russia – Also you can travel to Azerbaijan via Russia

Travel to Azerbaijan by sea

Kazakhstan – You can travel to Azerbaijan by boat over the Caspian Sea from a Kazakh city named Aktau. It takes 24 hours and you need a dose of patience because it departs every few days, randomly.

Turkmenistan – If you are lucky to be in possession of a Turkmen visa, you can also take the boat from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan.

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