Jennet Bagi Guba Hotel

” Jennet Bagi Guba” is located 190 km from Baku, in the territory of the Guba region of Azerbaijan, which has a fascinating nature. Those who come to the hotel for rest, travel, and hiking can see the most beautiful part of the north-east of the Greater Caucasus in real life.Snowy peaks combined with the blue sky, transparent springs rich in minerals, gushing mountain rivers, in a word, the address of the mysterious nature, Guba “Jennat Baghi” recreation center invites you to an interesting vacation. You will have an excursion to this open-air museum and will have unforgettable memories. Come to Guba ” Jennet Bagi ” to take care of your health, where both your soul and body will rest. Every comfort has been created for you in “Jennet Bagi” for you to use the natural resources thoughtfully and efficiently.


Hotel services:

·        Restaurants and bars

·        Sauna&SPA

·        Health center

·        2 swimming pools

·        Phone

·        Internet

·        Satellite TV

·        Central air conditioning and ventilation systems


Free Entertainment:

·        Motocross

·        Football

·        Basketball

·        Pool

·        Children’s park

·        Fitness room

·        Water massage

·        Billiards

·        Tennis

Paid Entertainment:

·        Bowling

·        Bullet shooting

·        Paintball

·        Chinese massage

·        Bar service



Hotel name: Jennet Bagi Guba

Star: 5*

City: Guba

Address: Amsar village, Guba, Azerbaijan


You can contact the specified phone numbers, in case you have question or request.
Tel: +994-12-3100482      Mob / WP: +994-55-8824921        Social  networks Addresses:  
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