Karvansaray Hotel Sheki

Karvansaray Hotel Sheki

Yukhari Karavansarai Hotel is by right the most interesting hotel in town. It’s a period building steeped in history, rated as 1.5* hotel. But the experience makes up for the lack of amenities. This delightful place is a converted 18th-century caravan-saray, forming a twin-level arcade of sturdy arches around a pretty central courtyard. Sheki once had five working caravanserais as the trade routes between Baku and Tbilisi and a spur route across the mountains to Dagestan used to meet here. Caravansaray is not just a hotel but also one of the most intriguing sights of the Sheki town. Overnighting here is justification enough to visit Sheki. It’s not every day that you have the chance to sleep in a genuine Silk-Road-era caravansarai, so this hotel seems like it should not be missed. It is also quite cheap. But it’s a government-run property, and it shows in every respect.

Even if you don’t stay here just peep inside. From the outside in the middle of the night this place is lit up and looks outstanding. Even entering into the foyer the look of ancient times is present. Stride through the somewhat daunting wooden gateway door and if questioned say you’re heading for the restaurant in the garden behind, a lovely place for a cuppa with a slice of Sheki’s signature halva (pastry with nuts).


Staying in the rooms one can easily imagine how silk route traders were making a stop here with their camel caravans loaded with precious goods. The building is literally a small fortress with just one entry and thick fortified walls around the inner yard. In case of attack the doors could be closed and all those inside could feel safe and secured behind the walls. Overlook the courtyard where the camels once were tied. The inner yard is quite spacious and was used by traders who erected trade stalls inside. In other words they were starting to trade once in Karavansaray. The ground floor was used as a basement and a warehouse. The first floor was designated for the guests. Rooms had a hatch in the floor and stepladder so that they could quickly and easily get down to their goods that were placed under their rooms. Currently all premises are used for rooms with those on the first floor being a bit more expensive. They have even luxe rooms there.


Rooms have wonderful arched brickwork ceilings and while they’re certainly not luxurious, all have sitting areas and humorously basic bathrooms. Rooms are very basic, just beds, toilet, shower. All is in a heavily used condition, but keep in mind this is a karavansaray, not a business chain hotel. Old TV in the room, heavy walls, practically no windows. No need in aircondition as due to thick brickwalls the temparature is refreshing all the time and you will need 2 blankets even in the summer. The place really needs some cash pumped into it since all is more or less broken or tatty. The bed linen has holes. The cleaning also leaves desired.

Book ahead, especially for single rooms as there are only two. The entrance way is a small portal within a vast wooden door (poorly signed) making entry a slightly daunting prospect. Don’t be put off. The reception area is across the castle-like vaulted entrance-way.

At the rear is an attractive garden restaurant which in summer makes a lovely place for a slice of Sheki’s signature halva and a cup of tea. There’s also a winter dining hall and a very atmospheric tea house which sadly only offers tea by the samovar in an excessively expensive set accompanied by a series of fruits and jams.

Hotel services

Internet and Parking and Baby sitter and Transfer and TV/Radio and Taxi and Copy machine and Fax and Room service and Mini bar and Translator for foreigners and Lobby and Laundry  and Elevator and Satellite and Telephone and ATM and Fire Protection System and hairdryer and air-conditioning system and iron and heating/cooling system and mineral water.
Meals, Restourants and…: Breakfast, Azerbaijani Restaurant, European Restaurant.
Name Of Hotel
: Karvansaray Hotel.
Star: 3*
City: Sheki.
Address: Mirza Fatali Axundzada street 185, AZ5500 Sheki, Azerbaijan

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