Qashalti Hotel Naftalan

Rixos Hotel (Gashalti Sanatorium) Naftalan

Hotel services Internet, Parking, Baby sitter, Transfer, TV/Radio, Taxi, Suit, Copy machine, Fax, Room service, Mini bar, Translator for foreigners, Lobby, Safe Box, Conference Room, Laundry, Elevator, Satellite, Telephone, ATM, Fire Protection System, hairdryer, daily newspaper and magazine, air-conditioning system, iron, heating/cooling system, mineral water, villas, terrace,
Meals, Restourants and…: Breakfast, Coffee shop, Azerbaijani Restaurant, European Restaurant, Turkish Restaurant, Swedish table.
Sport salons and pools: Gym, swimming pool, Football poll, Tennis court, Spa, Massage, Oil Vanna.

Name Of Hotel: Rixos Hotel Naftalan
Star (s): 5*
City: Naftalan
Address: Shirvan Acenue 37, Naftalan, Azərbaycan

About Naftalan Oil:

 Naftalan oil unsurpassed unique factor in the medical world. Naphthalan – is a thick liquid consistency of black-and- brown color with a distinctive smell. the main means of influencing naftalanskoy naphthenic oils hydrocarbons ( due to the presence in its composition cyclopentano – pernidrofenantrenovogo skeleton , which is a part of many enzymes , hormones and other physiologically active substances ) that have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, vasodilator , anti-allergic properties , and property activating the intensity of trophic functions and metabolic processes , stimulates the process of spermatogenesis , accelerating the processes of ovulation and oogenesis . All these features in many branches of medicine naftalan considered an indispensable method of treatment.

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