A new initiative to encourage domestic tourism has been designed

An insightful and enlightening project has been launched with the joint initiative and supporting of the State Tourism Agency and the Azerbaijan Tourism Board to develop our country’s domestic tourism potential and to implement existing local tourism opportunities.

The winner of the tender declared by the State Tourism Authority for the procurement of video recording works, as well as broadcasting facilities on TV and social networks under the project “REAL Vatan” was TV Media Azerbaijan LLC. Detailed information on the history, environment, historical personalities, culture and cuisine of the regions will be offered under the contract with the executor.

The Television project, which seeks to educate the nationals about Azerbaijan’s tourism potential, is palnned contain 42 sections involving all regions of Azerbaijan to demonstrate the opportunities of domestic tourism.

Moreover, the first program of the project is consentarted on “Yukhari Bash” State Historical-Architectural Reserve and city of Sheki while the second one is dedicated to Gakh city. 

Following the beforementioned regions the TV project has released third program focusing on Ismayilli region. Extensive information about the history, nature, historical personalities, culture, places of tourism importance, cuisine of the region was presented to the public in the released video.

Most recenlty, after the release of Ismayilli program, the next promotion video was dedicated to Gadabay region. The program provided the audience with detailed information about the history of the region, ancient settlements, rich nature, culture, cuisine, activities of the Siemens brothers in Gadabay, German heritage, places of tourist importance, etc.

The ongoing project will dedicate the next program to Gabala.

Click to view Sheki, Gakh, Ismayilli and Gadabay promotion videos.

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