Khinalig village included into UNESCO’s Tentative List

Under the State Tourism Agency the Khinalig State Historical-Architectural and Ethnographic  Reserve has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Committee Tentative List.

The appropriate documents were sent to the Committee on World Heritage by the Reserve’s Management Center of the State Tourism Agency for inclusion in the Tentative List of World Heritage Reserve.The document submitted by the National Commission for UNESCO and the Republic of Azerbaijan’s Permanent Mission to UNESCO to the organization evaluates the Khinalig reserve on the basis of world standards set by the World Heritage Committee.

The Reserve’s Management Center also plans to start the application process for the World Heritage List of the reserve within one year.

It should be mentioned that, to allow the inclusion of any historical and cultural site to the World Heritage List, it must be listed in the Tentative List at least one year in advance, in compliance with the guidelines defined by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. The list is posted on the official web site of the organisation and in relevant business documents by the World Heritage Center.

In addition, a monument which is not listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Committee Tentative List will not even be considered a World Heritage Committee nominee.

With its interesting historical monuments, exquisite food and picturesque mountains, Khinalig is an impressive touristic destination. This village has been cut apart by hard-to – reach mountains from civilization for decades. It became a popular location for adventurous travelers since the road had been paved.

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