Pomegranate holiday

Pomegranate holiday

Pomegranate grown in separate villages of Goychay region and their products brought to the district center and displayed at the exhibition organized at the city square. Young athletes performances and concert programs  being watched in the city center.Pomegranate holiday

The main purpose of the holiday is the promotion of regions, the demonstration of cultural and economic potential, and the development of tourism.

Pomegranate Types

Azerbaijan’s history linked to the culture of cultivation of it that goes far into the centuries. Naryn historically cultivated in almost all regions of Azerbaijan. However, Shirvan, which located in the dry subtropical zone,  regarded as the center of breeding the best pomegranate varieties. Grape types of them mainly used for production of juice.


It known that Goychay is a synonym for “true Azerbaijani pomegranates”. The secret of the excellent taste and indestructible quality of them is the presence of unique microclimate that is not found anywhere in the world and the soil composition of the region.


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