The Unity day of Azerbaijan People

The 31st of December is one of the great holidays in Azerbaijan. It is the day of the unity of Azerbaijani people from all over the world. On the 31st of December peoples also see the Old Year in. As a rule they wait impatiently to see the New Year in and count up the last few hours of the Old Year. This year we celebrated both the Unity of Azerbaijani people and the coming of the New Year. There are always a lot of guests from different countries who came to celebrate the unity of Azerbaijani people. Our leaders welcomed them to the capital of our Republic. There was also a great concert over TV.

A few days before this holiday you could see decorated houses, streets, cinemas, theatres, department stores and shops in Baku. There were also other decorations, banners, flags, slogans, portraits of our leaders in the shop windows and on the front of high houses. You could see also a lot of well dressed men, women, young girls and boys in all the streets, avenues, stores and shops walking and buying New Year presents.

On the eve of this holiday it snowed all day long and the trees, parks, gardens, fields, streets covered with snow, everything looked white and beautiful. Everywhere was clean, nice and bright. In Azerbaijan people had a two days‘ holiday. In our multinational republic you could also hear New Year greetings, people saying to one another ―Happy New Year to All of You!‖ Their friends answering ―The Same to You!


Research by: Ulduz Tourism



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