Within the framework of the “City to Village” project, Ismayilli farmers were trained in Agrotourism

The “City to Village” project is a social project implemented by “Agrar Tadaruk ve Tachizat” OJSC under the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the State Tourism Agency in the direction of the development of agro-ecotourism in Azerbaijan.

The purpose of the project is as follows

– To develop rural tourism

– To create additional sources of income for farmers-farmers and the opportunity to turn their products into income on the spot

– To offer a different recreation to city dwellers

– To arrange for tourists to become more familiar with village life, culture and traditions

The benefits of the project for farmers are as follows

– Participation in agro tourism training

– Increasing knowledge and skills

– Improvement of farms joining the project

– Technical and equipment support to farms joining the project

– New field of activity and additional income opportunity

– The possibility of selling the produced products on the spot

The benefits of the project for tourists are as follows

– Acquaintance with different fields of agriculture

– Travel to rural homes, farms and processing plants

– Participating in the harvesting of agricultural products seasonally

– Nutrition with natural agricultural products

– Discover the advantages of rural life by getting away from the urban environment.



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