Top 10 Restaurants in Baku

All Azerbaijan restaurants are very good but we want to show top 10 restaurants in Baku in this article.

We chose these restaurants in Baku for this title (Top 10 Restaurants Baku) because they have some special features.


  • Sahil Bar & Restaurant

top 10 Baku restaurantsAlong the seaside promenade, Sahil Bar & Restaurant is an praised upscale contemporary Caspian restaurant. Its interior, with clean wooden lines, is modern and elegant. The menu, which offers high-quality regional tastes, ranging from national kebabs to chicken and lamb specialties. The venue is also home to a well-stocked bar that serves vintage whiskeys and great cocktails. So it is a first of top 10 Baku restaurants.





  • Avaz Dining & Lounge

top 10 Baku restaurantsKnown for its spin on Azerbaijan fine dining. Avaz Dining & Lounge is a club-restaurant that combines traditional folk music and gastronomy. This restaurant has divided parts for open-space dining with live music from jazz bands, the Lounge. This part provides private dining with individual hookahs. The menu is strong on authentic Azerbaijani dishes. The weekly chef’s specials are always worth tasting so it is a second of top 10 Baku restaurants.




Lovely Baku restaurants with nice view

  • Zeytun

top 10 Baku restaurantsLocated on the fourth floor of the Park Bulvar mall. Zeytun restaurant has some of the best city and sea views in Baku, and seen from its outdoor terrace or through its full-length windows. From both you can see Baku’s most iconic landmarks, the Flame Towers, and beyond to the Caspian Sea. Along with the view, the restaurant serves up generous portions of high-quality, Azerbaijan national food. Reservations are a must so it is a third of top 10 Baku restaurants.


  • ART Garden

top 10 Baku restaurantsThis restaurant is located on the heart of the old city. An upscale yet authentic restaurant, ART Garden serves traditional Azerbaijani dishes, great oriental sweets and Azerbaijani tea from a traditional samovar. Drink while puffing on a scented hookah. ART Garden also regularly hosts diverse art events, from exhibitions to jazz concerts .So it is a fourth of top 10 Baku restaurants.




  • ROOM Fine Art Wine & Dine

top 10 Baku restaurantsROOM‘s choice of food, including a selection of Mediterranean appetizers, is small but delicious. The wine list is vast, offering over 100 different vintages. Unsurprisingly, the restaurant also hosts wine-tasting evenings, as well as photography and fine art exhibitions, and occasionally music and dance events. So it is a fifth of top 10 Baku restaurants.




  • Mugham Club

top 10 Baku restaurantsThe Mugham Club features Azerbaijani, Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine. Served up in a historic two-story building that once served as the Icheri Sheher (Old City) fortress. The antique building, with similarly authentic interior. The restaurant has great atmosphere and compliments the live dance performances. And concerts also often held here so it is a sixth of top 10 Baku restaurants.





  • East Legend Panorama Restaurant

top 10 Baku restaurantsThis Restaurant is on the fourth floor of the East Legend Hotel. Features an outstanding menu inspired by the best of European cuisines, as well as a great drinks selection. it is cozy and friendly, but with excellent service and a fine-dining touch. The restaurant also offers a magnificent view of the city and the sea. So it is a seventh of top 10 Baku restaurants.




  • Zakura

top 10 Baku restaurantsZakura is a deluxe Japanese dining bar. Zakura has simple the external decor and a stylish, contemporary interior. The menu fuses vintage and contemporary Japanese tastes, and puts a Zakura twist on things. This restaurant has so delicious sushi because prepared by an expert sushi chef. The food menu is impressive, as is the variety of sake that Zakura features so it is a eighth of top 10 Baku restaurants.


  • Eleven Restaurant & Lounge

top 10 Baku restaurantsThe Eleven Restaurant & Lounge on the 11th floor of the Park Inn Hotel fuses the features of a bar. Lounge and a classy restaurant that serves excellent Japanese and Asian cuisine. At Eleven, everything is about quality: surprising gastronomic combinations on unusual crockery, impeccable service and a friendly atmosphere. But it is the scenic views over the city that truly elevate Eleven to a premium spot as one of the top restaurants in the city. So it is a ninth of top 10 Baku restaurants.


  • OroNero Bar & Ristorante

top 10 Baku restaurantsOroNero Bar & Ristorante is an praised Italian restaurant located in the JW Marriott Hotel. The setting is stylish and modern. With an al fresco dining area and a stunning view outside. Inside, guests can watch things being prepared in the show-kitchen. The menu features contemporary Italian dishes with a great selection of meat and vegetarian specialties, as well as excellent dessert options. The restaurant also organizes special themed events. Wine tasting nights or the Saturday secret recipes with chef Roberto De Franco so it is a last of top 10 Baku restaurants.


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