Khan Garden

Khan Garden

This historical monument related to the Ziyadkhanli family a park frequently visited by Ganja residents and guests coming to Ganja. It regarded as one of the largest parks in the Caucasus. Its construction began in 1700. It also has rare kinds of plants brought from various parts of the world. Under Javad Khan, the park renovated and trees were planted here. After that, the park was called the Khan Garden in his honour. After the Russian invasion, it rena­med the governor’s garden. The Khan Garden also  laid out on an area of 51 ha belonging to the khan’s family and also known as the Sardar Garden.

Khan GardenThe Khan Garden´s Green Theatre

This Ganja park also  features frequently in historical sources, appearing variously as the Khan’s or Sardar’s Garden. And it has had its share of historical tribulations. Its structure, water supply and natural resources have undergone major changes during foreign intrusions. Invaders have invaded Ganja at various points in its history and the central park rarely escaped lightly. The city’s landmarks, including the Khan’s Garden, even the city itself, have renamed repeatedly by various rulers in the cause of their own glorification. 

Ganja City’s Executive Authority and the Regional Centre of the National Academy of Sciences recently took on staff. It also includes a working group of leading experts, to compile an Encyclopaedia of Ganja Monuments. Their mammoth task to locate, investigate and promote the region’s landmarks is already underway and hundreds of monuments have tagged and categorised. The Khan’s Garden is also  high on the list. 

After it named the Sardar’s Garden in 1847, the State Bank of Russia paid out 2,350 roubles to bring in 1,200,000 trees, fruit trees, flowers and ornamental bushes of various kinds from Crimea. 


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